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Board Member, CEO AGED

About Rachel

AGED Founder/CEO has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and Business. She has previously launched a molecular diagnostic venture. She has worked at MIT in cancer research developing gene silencing therapeutics. Zayas’ career is at the intersection of genomics and entrepreneurship: Zayas has been funded by the National Science and was an adjunct instructor at George Washington University teaching business classes to technology ventures learning to validate product market fit. Zayas was previously a fellow for 757 Accelerate, Halcyon, and Healthworx (the investment arm of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield) the ladder selects less than 2% of applicants. Zayas has presented work at the annual Liver Disease Conference and published work in Hepatology (the leading journal for liver diseases). Zayas has written two sci-fi novels. Zayas is responsible for all aspects of R&D, leading her team and reaching technical and commercialization milestones.

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